Top Restaurants in Mombasa Town, Kenya

Travel to Mombasa the top tourist destination in Kenya.

Mombasa County is located in the South Coast of Kenya. It’s capital and the only city in the county, Mombasa is the second largest city after the capital, Nairobi. Although the traditional meal in Kenya is Nyama Choma, which is roasted meat cooked along the roadsides and infused with spices, Mombasa offers a diverse variety of cuisine influenced by the Middle Eastern, European, and Indian cuisines. Check out the top 10 restaurants in Mombasa.

1. Tamarind Dhow and Restaurant

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The Tamarind dhow restaurant is one of the best restaurants in East Africa. The Tamarind restaurant has brought their world-famous cuisine to a traditional African dhow for an unforgettable dining experience. The dhow is a wooden sailing boat converted into a floating restaurant. The Tamarind dhow and restaurant comprises of a variety of cuisines ranging from French, Asian, Arabic, and African inspired dishes. The dhow is simply magical, the seafood platter divine with the cruise allowing you to view all the ancient architectures of Mombasa and Mainly the fort Jesus. The restaurant and the dhow ensure that they provide the best possible services to their clients. A stopover at the Tamarind dhow and restaurant will undoubtedly be the most romantic experience in Mombasa city, whether for dinner or lunch. The restaurant also has a live band which is delightful to watch and has plenty of space to get your groove on.

Tamarind dhow and restaurant 
Address: Tamarind | Silos Road, Tudor CreekMombasa 80100, Kenya
Phone Number:+254 41 4474600
Open: 24 hours

2. Cafesserie

The cafesserie is located on the ground floor of City Mall, Nyali. Cafesserie is the perfect chill spot for coffee lovers and an excellent place to have a lovely brunch. A beautiful restaurant, bakery, Ice-cream parlor, and coffee house, with a licensed bar, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the cafesserie is a welcome addition to the dining experience in Mombasa. Filled with locals, expatriates, and tourists, cafesserie is thriving European cafe which represents the sophisticated offerings in large cities such as Vienna and Paris with an African twist. A visit to this restaurant means you have a lot of dishes to choose from that include a variety of Italian dishes, salads, pasta, pizza, pastries, and Italian coffee.

Address: Mombasa Malindi Road | Nakumatt NyaliMombasa 80100, Kenya
Phone Number:+254 20 2609338
Opening hours: Sun-Sat  7.30 AM- 11.30 PM

3. Pavilions Restaurant at Sarova Whitesands

Holidaying in Mombasa? One of the best places to eat is the Pavilions restaurant at Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort & Spa. Pavilions is the main restaurant for dining during your stay at Whitesands. They have a wide selection of cuisine that comprises of an array of grilled items, stews, Indian, and a very generous salad bar. Desserts are also equally varied and impressive, with great care and attention to decoration. The Pavilions restaurant is spacious, and because of its proximity to the ocean, it has a fresh breeze flowing throughout. The restaurant is surrounded by little tropical paradises and fish swimming on stream-like ponds on its outskirts. A combination of the restaurants’ design and the effect make you feel like you entering a little island of its own. The cost for an experience at Pavilions restaurant are favorable and its the perfect setting for a sumptuous meal. After, one can take a walk in the extensive gardens of the resort, sit by the beachside, and enjoy the sea breeze or the starry night sky while listening to the amazing entertainment on offer.

Pavilions Restaurant at Sarova Whitesands
Address: Malindi Road | Sarova Whitesands Beach ResortMombasa 80100, Kenya
Phone Number:+254 41 2128000
Opening hours: 24 hours
Pavilions Restaurant at Sarova Whitesands

4. Shehnai Restaurant

Shehnai restaurant is one of Kenya’s classiest Indian restaurants, making it popular among the Indian community. The restaurant is well known because of the Tandoori delicacies and its Mughlai food from North India, food fit for royals. The restaurant also does some of the best Indian dishes such as gosht palakwalla (lamb with masala and spinach). The menu is rustic and hearty and you can tickle your palette with original appetizers that put you in the mood for the food that is to follow. The Shehnai restaurant also takes orders for outside catering as such you can meet your expectations of Indian cuisine at the comfort of your home. Food is one of the best things about a holiday, as such if your holiday involves a meal at Shehnai, then this will supplement your cost experience.

Shehnai Restaurant 
Address: Fatemi House, Maungano Rd, Mombasa 
Phone number: 0722 871111
Opening hours: Open everyday except Monday at 11:30 A.M

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5. Forodhani

The Forodhani hotel sits on the old port of Mombasa, and it comprises of an appealing terrace overlooking the ocean. The menu is appealing, consisting of cuisines from the Swahilis and the Indian such as beef, mishikaki. Mishikaki is marinated grilled meat kebabs with prawn curry. While at Forodhani you can sample the Chapati the infamous street food dish, which comes either stuffed with minced onions and meat.

Address: Sir Mbarak Hinawy Road, Mombasa Old Town | 200m from Fort JesusMombasa 80100, Kenya
Phone number: 0724 401551
Opening hours: Open everyday at 8.00 A.M

6. Yul’s Aquadrom Restaurant

Yul’s restaurant is the best restaurants in Mombasa. Opened in 1989, it is located next to Bamburi Beach Hotel and it offers an excellent venue for a day’s out. When you go to Yul’s, you are bound to experience the local and international cuisines. The International Cuisines comprises of tasty starters and salads as well as famous highland Angus streaks, Giant Burgers, and grilled seafood. A traveler can experience the delicious Yul’s meal and beef prepared on the barbecue. The restaurant also specializes in Italian Pizzas, cooked in an original Italian firewood oven. One of the most famous places in this hotel is the Hot Stone 400°C hot  where the guest can cook their meat or seafood to their desire, the chefs can prepare food based on your order delicious with mouthwatering sauces. For the coffee lovers, Yul’s also specializes in coffee as it imports coffee from Italy and Austria to prepare you a creamy Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Espresso, Irish Coffee, and Espresso Corretto. You can enjoy the coffee with freshly baked cakes. Visit Yul’s Aquadrom for coast experience.


Yul's Aquadrom 
Address: Mombasa-Malindi Road Mombasa, Kenya 10286 Mombasa
Phone number: 0715 012311
Opening hours: Open everyday at 9.00 A.M

7. Tarboush Cafe

Tarboush Cafe is arguably the most famous place in Mombasa. Most go to this place open-air park-side restaurant because of its chicken tikka, and the beef mshikaki. Tarboush Cafe is located along Makadara road, and it highlights the Indian and Arabic influence on the Mombasa cuisine. This local restaurant is a local, and for travelers, they can experience the tasty African dishes with a blend of Indian and Arabic influence.

Tarboush Cafe
Address: Makadara Road, Mombasa 80100, Kenya
Phone number: 0723 289759/0787 442533
Opening hours:  Open everyday at 10.00 A.M

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8. Sea Haven

Sea Haven is a restaurant located off Mombasa-Malindi road and it is the best seafood restaurant. The restaurant offers a wide variety of cuisines that include Seafood, Fish, Steaks, Oriental curries, and Ice creams. Since opening in 1982, Sea Haven comprises a state of the art restaurant with air conditioning. The restaurant also consists of a dining hall that can hold conferences for about 80 guests. Sea haven has a fully stocked bar which serves the guests cold drinks, wines, spirits, and fresh juices. The friendly staff compliments the customer’s experience as they eat a delicious meal. The restaurant has been issued with a certificate of excellence because of its exemplary services. Visit Sea Haven, a hidden gem overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Sea Haven
Address: Shanzu-Mombasa Malindi Road, Mombasa 80100, Kenya
Phone number:	+254 733 746888/ 0721 743084
Opening hours: Opening daily

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9. Safari Inn Bar & Restaurant

A visit to Mombasa cannot be complete without stopping at Safari Inn Bar & Restaurant. Safari Inn Bar & Restaurant is situated opposite the continental hotel in Shanzu beach. Some of the services available at Safari Inn Bar include excellent Swiss food in an African ambiance and seafood. Safari Inn also has a live band that plays every 2000hrs every Tuesday and Friday.

Safari Inn Bar & Restaurant 
Address: Shanzu Tourist Road | Shanzu, Mombasa 80100, Kenya
Phone number:+254 722 671475
Opening hours: Always Open


Safari Inn

10. Milios Pizza  Mombasa

Since opening in January 1st 2015 Milios has established itself as the best Pizza restaurant in Mombasa. The restaurant is the place to be for pizza lovers as it offers a unique combination of toppings on a perfect bed of tomato base and cheese. The restaurant only makes Pizza only the best Pizza in Mombasa.

Milios Pizza Mombasa 
Address: Tritton Avenue | Off David Kayanda Road, Mombasa 80100, Kenya
Phone Number:+254 729 394060
Opening hours: Opens at 12P.M

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