Who is Xiao Qiumei? (Tiktok Influencer that died while recording video); Age, children, death

Tiktok Star that Died while recording video

Xiao Qiumei is a Chinese Tiktok star that plunged to her death while performing as a crane operator in a live stream video.

According to the sun, she plunged 160ft to her death while videoing herself, with the phone still in her hand while she crashed to the ground.

Xiao Qiumei Age

According to reports from the local media she was only 23 years old and she was the mother of 2 children.

Xiao Qiumei Work

According to the sun, Xiao Qiumei worked as a tower crane operator and she had more than 100000 followers on tiktok using the handle Xiaoquimei. In her videos it showed people what it was like to have a job operating a crane.

Xiao Qiumei Death

Xiao Quimei reportedly died after falling to her death from 160 feet tower crane while recording herself for a social medial video in the city of Quzhou, China. The 23 year old was speaking while dancing into a camera in what appears to be a crane cabin when she fell to her death.

The sun reported, “Eyewitnesses who saw her fall to the ground said she had her phone in her hand while the tragedy unfolded” around 5:40 p.m. on July 20, after most other workers on the site had left for the day.

However, her family denied the claims the she died as part of an “internet craze/ stunt” and indicated her death was a result of an accident. Her family told the Sun, “she simply missed a step and fell as a result.”

Further, the site reported that she was professional at her work, and kept her mobile phone in her bag during working house.”

She was also known for her dance videos that amassed thousands of likes and views. The news of her tragic demise was reportedly confirmed by her family members on July 24th, 2021.

Xiao Qiumei’s fatal crane accident reportedly took place towards the end of her shift around 5:40 PM on July 20th, 2021.

The disturbing video surfaced online following the tragic incident and has garnered huge attention from viewers across the globe. Xiao Qiumei had a large following on social media at the time of her passing.

The reported clip shows the influencer filming herself minutes before tumbling down from the nearly 160 feet crane. After a few shots of the TikTok star, the camera suddenly drops down and cuts to blurry footage of the crane equipment.

Reports suggest that Xiao Qiumei’s funeral has already taken place. The young influencer has reportedly been cremated and her ashes have been kept on a small table under an umbrella as per local tradition.

Fans have been mourning the death of the influencer since news of the tragic incident was confirmed. Douyin users have taken to the platform to offer condolences to Xiao Qiumei and her family.

Her death was the second falling death of an Asian Tiktok influencer this month. Sofia Cheung is another Tiktok influencer that fell to her death for her daring shots.


Sofia Cheung Age

Sofia Cheung died in July 2021 and at the time of her death she was 32 years old.

Sofia Cheung Death

Sofia died from a fall on July 10 while taking an Instagram selfie near a waterfall. Cheung was with three friends at Ha Pak Lai park when she slipped, falling to her death. “Better days are coming,” her last Instagram post said. “They are called: Saturday and Sunday.”




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