Who is Missus Rhino (Viced Rhino wife dead); Personal Life, Fundraising, death

Missus Rhino Viced Rhino Reknown Canadian Atheist dead

Missus Rhino is the wife of Canadian Youtuber Viced Rhino that is best known for responding to and criticizing religious arguments, usually young-Earth creationists. His username is an anagram of the name of creationist Eric Hovind.

Missus Rhino Personal Life and Marriage

Viced Rhino is a Canadian Atheist and a father of three they live in Niagara, Ontario, Canada.

Missus Rhino and Viced Rhino Fundraising Activities

As per her Twitter handle, Missus Rhino was very passionate about raising money for a particular cause. AS atheists they felt the need to raise money towards other avenues where money could be efficiently used as compared to churches. In one of the Twitter posts, Viced Rhino wrote, “According to data that over 1200 churches voluntarily provided, the average church spends 78% of its budget on administration and dues. A good secular charity will spend less than 10% on admin & fundraising. Giving to churches is inefficient and should be stopped.”

Missus Rhino Death

The news of Missus Rhino death was captured by the husband Viced Rhino, “Missus Rhino had a stroke yesterday, and was declared dead earlier this morning. I have some videos already scheduled, and after that, there will be some guest videos, so I am taking some time off. 1/?”

She died on 12th November 2021.

In another separate tweet, Viced Rhino wrote, “She was often faster than the emails, so it actually was news to me. Today has been the hardest day of my life. I love you all, and I’ll see you when I get back ”

On his Facebook page, Viced Rhino wrote, “I know many of you will want to know how you can help – I have been inundated with love and support both from our families and from the online community, so I will get by. If you want to do something, she was super passionate about the fundraiser, so donating 2/?”

“to the fundraiser in honour of her memory would be the best tangible thing that you could do. She always got excited every time a new donation would come in, and would rush to tell me, no matter how small, and even though she knew I get emails for everyone. 3/?”

Crowdfunding towards her cause was commenced and it has managed to reach the goal of raising $14000.


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