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Brian Howe (Bad Company Vocalist Dead); Biography, Age, Career, Bad Company, Death

Brian Howe had rock singer dead at 66

Brian Anthony Howe, the lead vocalist for Bad Company has died at 66 years. Brian Howe was an English rock singer and songwriter, best known for replacing Paul Rodgers as the lead vocalist of Bad Company.

Brian Howe Biography

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DISPARITION : Le chanteur britannique Hard-rock Brian Howe est mort ce jeudi 5 mai à 66 ans d'une crise cardiaque. Après un bref passage au sein du groupe White Spirit, Brian Howe est engagé par le guitariste Ted Nugent pour assurer le chant sur son album Penetrator (1984). Il rejoint ensuite la nouvelle formation de Bad Company, où il remplace Paul Rodgers. Durant les dix années qui suivent, il participe à l'écriture et à l'enregistrement de quatre albums studio : Fame and Fortune (1986), Dangerous Age (1988), Holy Water (1990) et Here Comes Trouble (1992). Il est l'auteur ou le coauteur (avec Terry Thomas) de la majorité des chansons du groupe durant cette période, dont les nos 1 du classement Mainstream Rock aux États-Unis, Holy Water et How About That. Brian Howe quitte Bad Company en 1994 pour se lancer dans une carrière solo. #brianhowe #tednugent #folk #rock #hardrock

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Brian Howe was born in Portsmouth, England in 1953. He sang with a local band called Shy who had one minor hit single in the UK but he quickly quit, seeking a harder rock band. He had a brief stint with the NWOBHM group White Spirit, having replaced their recently departed singer Bruce Ruff. However, the group quickly collapsed, and Howe never recorded an album with them. A sole cut, “watch out” surfaced on Neat Records ‘60 minutes Plus cassette compilation in 1982, also issued on vinyl as All Hell Let Loose by Neat in conjunction with Italy’s Base records label in 1983. The song was released on CD by US-based label Prism Entertainment on their Metal Minded compilation in 1987.

Brian Howe Age 

Brian Howe was born 22 July 1953 and he was 66 years at the time of his death.

Brian Howe Career 

Brian Howe’s career began in 1984 when he was recruited by Ashley Howe (not related) for the next Ted Nugent Album and thought that Howe would be a good fit. Howe was soon in New York City and signed a contract to become the lead singer for Ted Nugent and sang on the penetrator album. The album reached No. 56 on the Billboard 200. Brian Howe later left Ted Nugent because of poor terms of service and he pursued a solo career until he was introduced to Mick Ralphs and Simon Kirke of Bad Company.

He joined Bad Company in 1986 replacing Paul Rodgers as lead vocalist. The group became famous for hits in the 80s and 90s like “If you Needed Somebody”, “How About That”, and “Walk Through Fire.”

Howe was a prolific songwriter and he wrote a majority of the Album “Holy Water” in 1990. In 1994, he left the English Rock band citing tension with bandmates Mick Ralphs and drummer Simon Kirke. In an interview at the time, Howe said, ” Leaving Bad Company was not a difficult decision. It got to the point where nobody was contributing anything to songwriting and quite frankly, the band was getting very very sloppy live.”

He added: “I quite simply got tired of doing all the work and then getting nothing but resentment for it from Mick and Simon.”

in 1997, Howe kickstarted his solo career and released his first solo album, Tangled in Blue. The album was re-released in 2003. Howe went on to release three solo albums, including ‘Circus Bar’ in 2010. In 2017 he launched his own label, Howe’s Business, on which he released his final studio recording, ‘Hot Tin Roof’ that same year.

Brian Howe Family

Brian Howe has a sister, Sandie.

Brian Howe Death

According to TMZ, Howe passed away on Wednesday at his home in Florida. He died of cardiac arrest. In the TMZ report, it indicated that when paramedics first reached Howe, they had a brief conversation with him and he passed soon after. It is believed he was on the way to the hospital when he died. Howe has suffered from heart issues and had a heart attack in 2017.

In May 2019, Howe opened up to the News-Press about his heart attack. “It was a bad one, apparently,” he said. “I don’t remember anything about it. I was driving. And I was found in my car at a stop sign, unconscious.”

He added that the heart attack ‘easily’ could have killed him and doctors even discussed taking him off life support.

“It’s what they call a widowmaker. I don’t recall not feeling well. I don’t recall feeling anything. It was suddenly: lights out. It affected me. I couldn’t talk terribly well which a lot of people enjoyed, to be honest with you [laughs].”

Doctors used two stents to open the heart blockage. At the time of the interview, Howe admitted that he still wasn’t completely feeling himself. “It was nasty. It took me a long time to recover. And I’ll be honest with you: Ever since then, I’ve had a difficult time dealing with the heat. It’s just weird. It’s just changed my biochemistry, I suppose I just can’t take the heat anymore.”

In response to his death, Howe’s longtime friend and manager, Paul Easton told people, “It is with deep and profound sadness that we announce the untimely passing of a loving father, friend, and music icon, Brian Howe.”

Howe’s sister Sandie added, “finding the appropriate words to express the pain in our hearts over losing my brother has been difficult. Our family would like to thank you for your compassion and the outpouring of love we are receiving.”

Eddie Trunk an American music historian eulogized Brian Howe on twitter with a tweet.

“RIP former Bad Co singer Brian Howe. Bad Co actually had a couple of pretty big radio hits with him. This article from @TMZ ⁩ mistakenly states Penetrator was a Bad Co album. It wasn’t. It was a @TedNugent  album Brian was also on. RIP Brian.”







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