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Luke Sandoe (Professional Body Builder dead); Biography, Age, Family, Career, Death

Luke Sandoe professional body builder dead at 30

IFBB pro bodybuilder Luke Sandoe a United Kingdom professional bodybuilder died this week at the age of 30 years. Luke Sandoe was found at his home on the morning of May 7th by his longtime training partner and fellow IFBB pro league bodybuilder James Hollingshead as well as Hollinghead’s girlfriend.

Luke Sandoe Biography

Luke Sandoe was born and raised in Christchurch, in the south of England.

Luke Sandoe Age 

Luke Sandoe was born on August 3, 1989. At the time of his death, he was 30 years old.

Luke Sandoe Education 

Sandoe studied illustration and human biology in college before changing to music practice and technology. In an interview, he also said he used to play drums for a year before becoming a professional bodybuilder and starting a coaching business.

Luke Sandoe Career 

Sandoe was a professional bodybuilder with the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB).

According to the Arnold Sports Festival website, Sandoe’s love of bodybuilding and training stemmed from his love of comic books. As a child, he was a huge fan of the muscle-bound superheroes and he wanted to become one.

Sandoe got serious about training in his late teens. Magazines like Flex inspired him to achieve the same physique as the superheroes of his youth. In 2012 at the age of 23, he entered his first show as a junior and won. He kept training and competing on bigger and bigger stages. In 2015, he won the super heavyweight class and the overall UKBFF British Finals earning his IFBB pro card. Sandoe enjoyed training with heavy weights and the deadlift was his favorite lift.

Luke Sandoe Children 

Sandoe is the father of a daughter Louise and a son Leo with his former girlfriend Caroline Foulkes and he said that is the achievement he was most proud of; “being a father then winning the British Finals and turning pro is second.”

Luke Sandoe Girlfriend

The English-born powerlifter, Luke wasn’t a married man. He managed to keep his personal life very private, allowing very minimal information about his relationship to surface the media. His girlfriend was among the people who found him dead at his house.

Luke Sandoe Death 

Luke Sandoe was found dead in his home by his training partner and friend James Hollingshead and his girlfriend. The report was released by Ron Harris, the online editor for Muscular Development magazine.

His cause of death had not been released, nor has his exact date of death. Harris asked that fans refrain from speculating, “about health conditions or anything like that. Right now there is no evidence that it was related to bodybuilding lifestyle or gear or anything like that. There’s no indication that any of that played a role in this at all.”

Luke Sandoe Tributes 

After the news of his death broke, the bodybuilding community took to social media to share their thoughts. Fellow bodybuilder Steve Kuclo posted a tribute to Sandoe on Instagram;


Fellow IFBB pro-Shawn Rhoden also posted:

Sandoe was also eulogized by the IFBB Sports Festival, also known as the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival, where Sandoe competed in 2019:

According to Heavy.com Sandoe was known for his videos on YouTube and articles with publications including muscular development. During a May 6 episode of Luke & James, a show where fans can ask Sandoe and Hollingshead questions, Sandoe was absent. The show was streamed live on Sandoe’s athlete Facebook page.

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Wednesdays are sure coming round quick! May aswell ask in advance if you guys want us to discuss anything in particular today We have an all new setup for live with our man @johnny_styles Last week was fun as hell so bring on today! If you havent seen last weeks catch up its available on the @redcon1 youtube Today same setup live on YouTube and Facebook from 7pm gmt 2pm est @lukesandoe catch you soon you big lump! . . . @Redcon1 & @Redcon1.uk save 20% using Code James20 link in bio ———————————————————————————– @lovehempuk save 20% using code Jh20 ———————————————————————————– @lifefooduk save 10% using code James10 ———————————————————————————– @iron_monkey_wear save 10% using code Hollingshead10 ———————————————————————————– For many of my videos visit my YouTube  https://www.youtube.com/user/89jhollingshead . . . #redcon1 #totalwar #bringthenoise #beingredcon1 #bodybuilding #work #dothenecessary #britishbodybuilding #ifbbproleague #motivation #consistency #ifbb #strong #live #compete #train #grow

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At the end of the show, host Johnny Styles from REDCON1 said, “We don’t have a clue where Luke is.”






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