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Besides being the capital city of England, London is one of the most recognized cities in the world. The city also hosts the renowned London Marathon and is held in the spring of every year. This year’s event was 28th April 2019. London is also the home of some of the best football clubs in the world such as Arsenal FC, Tottenham Hotspur,  and Chelsea among others. The city is also the home of the Queen of Great Britain who lives in Buckingham Palace. London has a lot to offer to a visitor looking for famous sites and fun activities. The city has everything that a major metropolis has to offer ranging from history to culture. The following list of things to do in London offers you choices for a wholesome tour package as such you can choose the best according to your desires. Discover some of the best things to do in London below;

1. See London’s Greatest Landmarks on a Ride on the Coca-Cola London Eye 

Standing on river Thames, the London Eye is Europe’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel. The London Eye is the most visited place in England and it is also the most paid tourist attraction site in the UK. Constructed in 1998 and opened in 1999, the London Eye observation offers the views of the city in the most remarkable ways since the onset of the millennium. The tourist attraction site has been added to in due course, harnessing the latest technologies while adding comfort and luxury. The London Eye gives a visitor a panoramic view of the London skyline with the Palace of Westminster, Big Ben, Charing Cross railway station centre, and Waterloo railway station some of the most visible structures.

2. Visit the Iconic Big Ben 

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Big Ben is the most iconic landmarks of London. The name Big Ben is often used to describe the clock tower, the bell and the clock. The famous clock tower located at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London was built in 1844 as part of the new buildings for the Houses of Parliament. Since 2012, the clock tower was renamed Elizabeth Tower in commemoration of her 60 years since her accession to the throne. The Big Ben dominates the skyline in Westminster and it is located some few minutes walk from the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. Unfortunately for locals and tourists, the site of the Elizabeth Tower and the distinctive sound of Big Ben have been interrupted for renovation works since 2017. The  £61 million renovations will include repairs to the corroded cast iron roof and protection of the stonework from water seepage. The renovations are set to continue until 2021 meaning it will be another two years until Londoners hear the trademark chime of the Big Ben.

3. A Tour of the Buckingham Palace

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While being delayed in the long queue and rushing to watch the change of foot guards being previously on duty for 24/48hours, I was expecting to see scarlet tunics and black bearskin hats. …… I was pleasantly surprised by seeing orchestra and flowers (not sure how they are called by guardsmen) attached to their hat! 😅 These red and blue flowers were so cute and strangely went very well together with the whole outfit 👌 ….. The ceremony is centered around handover of the responsibility for protecting the castle. Windsor Castle Guard and New Guard 'Present Arms' before the Captains of the Guard hand-over, with a symbolic touch of their left hands, the Castle keys! ……. Do turn the sound to listen to the Regimental Irish Band providing support during the ceremony as well! 🎶 ……. The ceremony inside Windsor Castle begins at 11am (do check calendar online, as it is not carried out everyday ☝️). If you don't want to buy a ticket to go inside the Castle, you can still see guards marching around the town from Victoria Barracks.

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With a tour of London, you have the opportunity to bask in the royal side of London. The Buckingham Palace is the official London residence of the Queen. The best time to visit the Buckingham Palace is in summer when it opens its doors to the public. A visit to the Buckingham Palace gives you the opportunity to explore the lavishly furnished staterooms of one of the world’s remaining royal palaces. Each year, the summer openings feature special exhibitions that include paintings from Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Canaletto, Sculpture by Canova and Chantrey and examples of Sevres porcelain. You can also experience the changing of the guard which is a renowned ceremony contributing to London’s trademark of loyalty. The trip to London will give you a dosage of elegance that London is made of.

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O Palácio de Buckingham, em Londres, é a residência oficial da Rainha Elizabeth II. Ele é um símbolo da monarquia, um lar para a rainha, milhares de turistas participam da cerimônia da troca da guarda, que acontece 11h30 da manhã. No verão, a atividade acontece todos os dias, já no restante do ano, em dias alternados. É possível conhecer um pouco do interior do Palácio de Buckingham, seus jardins e até mesmo os estábulos reais, há três opções de visitas, sendo que uma, aos Salões de Estado, só é possível ser feita durante dois meses no verão e em algumas datas em outras épocas do ano. Nesta visita, você não vai conhecer os aposentos de sua Majestade, nem a grande maioria dos 775 cômodos do palácio, mas verá algumas peças do mobiliário, quadros e tapetes, porcelanas e cristais e os salão usados pela Rainha e pela família real para receber os convidados em visitas oficiais e cerimoniais. Uma outra possibilidade é visitar a Galeria da Rainha (Queen’s Gallery) instalada em um prédio construído sobre as ruínas da antiga capela do Palácio, destruída em um bombardeio na II Guerra Mundial. Na galeria estão expostas algumas obras da chamada coleção real. E a terceira opção é a visita aos Estábulos reais (Royal Mews), que permanecem abertos durante o ano inteiro. O valor dos ingressos para visitação do palácio custam em torno de 25 libras e podem ser adquiridos pelo site: visitbritainshop.com. #london #london🇬🇧 #londres #londres🇬🇧 #europe #europa #eurotrip #travellingthroughtheworld #buckinghampalace #paláciodebuckingham #changeofguards #dicasdeviagem #travel #feriasemfamilia #instapic #changingoftheguard ✈️

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4. A Visit to the British Museum 

A visit to the British Museum is a walk through British history and comprises of art sourced since the onset of the British Empire. The museum opened to the public in 1759 making it the oldest museums in the world. The British Museum is also the oldest in the world and boasts of attracting more than 6 million visitors each year. The museum began because of the personal collection of Sir Hans Sloane a famous naturalist, physician, and collector who collected more than 70000 objects in his lifetime. The British Museum comprises of more than eight million objects covering over two million years of culture and human history making it the largest and most comprehensive collection in existence. The museum is free to enter and it is open 10 a.m and closes at 5.30 p.m every day part from Fridays when it closes at 8.30 p.m.

5.  Tower Bridge Tour 

A tour of the Tower Bridge will make you uncover the stories behind the iconic structure and the people that built it The Bridge crosses River Thames, a river that flows through Southern England including London, making it an iconic symbol of London. The Tower Bridge was built between 1886 and 1894 and it should not be confused with the London Bridge situated some 0.5 miles upstream River Thames. Both bridges are located close to each other as such you can visit them on one trip. Inside the Tower Bridge, there are exhibits concerned with the creation and the history of the Bridge. A ticket to visit the bridge costs £8.00 for the adults and £ 3.4 for the children. A visit to the Tower Bridge will see you travelling back in time to the Victorian age while discovering the fascinating Victorian Engine Rooms, which powered the raising of the Tower Bridge. A perfect way to understand the meaning of Tower Bridge to London is visiting the bridge.

An Awesome Visit Awaits

An awesome visit awaits you in London, England as such you should get that immersive experience in London by visiting the above places. With the beautiful areas of interest, you will not run out of places to admire. The best way to experience London is by taking the time and allowing your eyes to feast on the majestic beauty.


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