Things to Do in Norway

Plan your travel in Norway and Experience the fjords, northern lights, fishing, and cruising.

Norway is a Nordic Country located in Northwestern Europe whose territories comprise of the western and northernmost portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Officially the Kingdom of Norway, the strategic location of this country makes it an ideal haven for travel enthusiasts. To make you have the most of your time during your visit to Norway, we have handpicked a selection of activities whether you are visiting the mountains, the coast, or experiencing the Norwegian culture.

  1. Cruising the Fjords 

A Fjord is a deep, narrow and elongated ocean inlet, cut into the landscape, with steep mountains on three sides. Pronounced f-yord (the ‘J’ is pronounced like a ‘Y). The Norwegian Fjords makes an impression on every person that visits them. Cutting in from the sea, through some of steepest mountains some of them rising up to 2000 meters, mild deep waters of up to 1300 meters deep, the Fjords have given people some of the most memorable experiences of their life. Others have experienced temporary neck aches from gazing at the pristine landscapes. To the majority of the travellers, a visit in Norway is synonymous with Fjords as it has the highest concentration of them in the world ranging from the Oslo fjord in the southeast, all the way up to East Finnmark near the north-eastern Russian border. However, some of the most famous fjords are found in western coastal and northern regions. Some of them include Geirangerfjord, Hjørundfjord and Nordfjord.


2. Canoeing and Kayaking

With the recent incident involving the MV Viking Sky, most people can be sceptical about cruising, which even though are fun in the Norwegian seas, do not equate to Kayaks or Canoes if one really want to get close and personal with the still and deep Norwegian fjords or the wilder coastline. One of the best areas for Kayaking is the Helgeland coast located in the Northwest region of Norway. Here, the visitor can find a beach, stay in a traditional rorbu or a fisherman cottage, and experience the traditional cuisine as part of the tour. The canoes and Kayaks provide a special setting for observing the majestic mountains and the variety of islands located in Norway. Some of the best places to go Kayaking in Norway include; Vestfjorden, Sandefjord and Tonsberg, Hidra, and Arendal to Tonsberg.

3. Enjoy Norwegian Diet Comprising of SeaFood Experience 

For the visitors looking to savour the unique Norwegian cuisine, there are various dishes one can choose. From the traditional Norwegian seafood to slow-cooked pork, visitors to Norway have plenty of options to satisfy their palate. Whether it is a casual lunch or dinner, or a romantic getaway with a loved one, Norway caters to a variety of tastes. However, with one of the longest coastlines in the world, it is no wonder Norwegians are in love with fish.

4. Go For a Hike Along Akerselva River

The Akerselva is a river which flows through Oslo, the capital city of Norway, and it starts from Maridalsvannet in Oslomarka and terminates in Oset in Bjørvika. The length of the river is 8 km, and it comprises of varying landscapes from the source to its mouth. The name of the river originates from the word Aker the name of the ancient old farms and old church areas located in Oslo. “Elv” is a Norwegian name meaning river. The nature enthusiasts can hike along the borderline and admire the powerful nature of the Akerselva waterfalls.


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