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Visit Christchurch, New Zealand: Days After the Terrorist Attack.

Visiting Christchurch, New Zealand? Discover new things at this City.

On 15th March 2019, two devastating and consecutive shootings took place at a Mosques located in Christchurch, New Zealand during Friday prayers. The shootings threatened to destroy more than the lives of the residents as at least 50 people were killed in the incidence. While terrorism is a global concern, the incidence at Christchurch raised a lot of concerns, for instance, the radicalization of individuals leading to terrorist threats. The people that survived the attacks are trying as much as possible to recover from the incident as it was the biggest mass shooting in New Zealand for over five decades. Despite the occurrence in the past few days, the local still welcome visitors to this grand city on the South Island. The tourists still have dozens of choice attractions, for example, wineries, restaurants, and various activities they can choose from and they hope they soon they will recover from the impacts of the mass shooting.

1. Visit and Relax at  a Winery 

One of the regions at Christchurch is the Waipara wine region which is the most dynamic and exciting wine-growing regions. The region is only forty minutes from Christchurch and the visitor can sample excellent rieslings, sauvignon blanc, and other wines in both high end and cosy vineyard tasting rooms. The Waipara Hills is a must see winery and this region is known to warm dry climate and limestone making it ideal for wine production. If on a tour of the region the majority of the operators pick travellers at a designated place, Christchurch hotel with the tour guide giving the traveller options of how long the tour will take.

2. Rediscover New Forms of Art at Christchurch Art Centre

One of the most famous and iconic buildings around Christchurch, the Christchurch Art Centre is a hub for arts, culture, education, and creativity. The Arts Centre te Matatiki Toi Ora is housed at the gothic former sites of Revival buildings of the University of Canterbury. The centre is home to different cultural organizations which include the Court theatre, the University Theatre, and the Southern Ballet. A visit at Christchurch cannot be complete without dropping by at this antic building consisting of old English style stone buildings.

3. Nature Walk at the Christchurch Botanic Gardens and Hagley Park 

Hagley Park is one of the largest urban open space in Christchurch, New Zealand and it was created in the year 1855 by the provincial government. The Botanic Gardens, situated in the central city of New Zealand was founded in 1863 and a visitor can immerse in nature by walking around the famous gardens along Avon River. The gardens comprise of a variety of bird watching activities, for instance, the Wood-pigeons.

4. Visit the Iconic Christchurch Cathedral 

The Christchurch cathedral is one of the most important and recognized churches in New Zealand. The church was built between 1864 and 1904 in the centre of the city and surrounded by Cathedral square. While earthquakes have frequently destroyed the building, there are plans to reconstruct the iconic structure. A visitor visiting Christchurch should visit the area housing the Anglican church.

5. Visit Hotels to Experience the New Zealand Cuisine 

While visiting Christchurch the least of your worries should be hotels. The region has about eight 4 stars hotels at an average of $99. One of the best hotels in the region is the Rendezvous Hotel Christchurch which is about 9.7 km from the Christchurch International Airport and close to the Cathedral square. The hotel offers chic accommodations with the city view and Free Wi-Fi in public areas.

As you visit Christchurch you will agree it is a beautiful city with the Old-English city having so much to offer to its visitors. Having seen quakes, and the recent mass shooting, the city is destined to take its place like the proverbial phoenix rising from the ashes. Please consider visiting Christchurch to show your support to the victims. It is for a good cause and also a good time.


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