Game of Thrones is the Worst Script Ever Written.

Many people across the globe have watched GOT. The series depicts powerful families, Kings and Queens, Knights and Renegades, Liars and Honest men all fighting a dangerous game for the control of the seven

Kingdoms of Westeros thus sit atop the iron throne. While I watched the movie after intense public pressure from friends and families, I think Game of Thrones is based on fantasies rather than a depiction of real-life situations. Recently after the shooting of the final season, Piers Morgan stated that Games of Thrones “Promotes a Barbaric Way of life.” In his column for Daily Mail, Piers Morgan wondered out loud echoing thousands of other like minded individuals across the globe “How could any grown adult watch this ridiculous bilge and take it remotely seriously?”

I do not want to adopt moralist criticism but the world we live in we want to promote honesty, love, and a situation where the good guys like Bran Stark end up surviving and thriving. However, Game of thrones promotes brutality, incest, rape, and manipulation with the bad guys thriving at the expense of good guys. Game of Thrones was also based on fiction and relied on animation to use dragons which formed the major fighting force in overthrowing Queen Cersei Lannister. Audiences would agree with me that movies based on real-life situations, for example, the most recent series that I have watched Vikings, receive the highest ratings with some of the factors affecting these ratings including the fact that they relate to reality. I can bet that a series like Game of Thrones will be irrelevant in years to come simply because it does not in any way relate to reality because of the use of Dragons, Witches, and White Walkers. The use of reality-based events leads to a deeper emotional connection between the audience and the character which I think should be the basis when awarding scriptwriters. While I commend the producers for their creativity, I think they would have done a better job in maintaining the reality aspects in the series.

If anything is to go by the last season has faced a lot of criticisms on Social Media as many fans believe it did not meet their expectations with a petition signed by more than a million people to rewrite and film everything again. However, I believe that it was the best season as the good guys finally outfoxed the bad guys the major theme in the entire series. Having watched the series, Game of Thrones was just an overhyped trash that should never have obtained such publicity from the onset.


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