Huawei Mate 30 Pro Set to Keep Wide Notch

Huawei will skip all screen this year

For the better part of this year, Huawei has been faced by controversy concerning its mode of operations. However, in a bid to out shine its competitors Huawei was set to go to the infamous length of removing the notch from the screen. News have it that Huawei is set to retain the wide notch on the Pro Variant of the Mate 30 according to the latest leaked screen protectors and shatter-proof glasses.

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Previously, there were rumors that the new Huawei phone would have tiny hole punch camera. But this is not going to be the case if the alleged protectors for the Mate 30 are anything to go by. The front panel of Mate 30 reveals not more than five holes in the notch that will include; the selfie camera, the proximity sensor, and the speakers. The screen protectors also have curved sides indicating that the phone will also have curved sides. It is expected that the new phone will adopt a moderate curvature unlike its predecessors.

The report suggests that the production of the screen protectors might have begun which explains why we are in the possession of these images. In both images they indicate a similar design to an earlier leak of the phone being tested which also comprised of the wide-notch design. While the company is still silent on any eventual launch time-frame, all we can hope is that Huawei stick to the production of quality smartphones for their market as they wait for the US-China trade war to settle down.


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