Who is Garrett Walker? (Missing University Student); Age, Education, Disappearance

Garrett Walker the Missing University of Alabama Student

Garrett Winston James Walker is a 20-year-old missing University of Alabama student that was last seen early Sunday morning. The student disappeared after he left a bar in Tuscaloosa.

Garrett Winston Walker Age

Garrett Walker is 20 years old.

Garrett Walker Education

Garrett Walker is a college junior at the University of Alabama.

Garrett Walker Disappearance

Based on a statement released by the school and the family of Garrett Walker, the man left The Grey Lady bar around 1:15 a.m. and was last seen around 4:30 a.m. about 1 mile south. Garrett, a Maryland native was last seen wearing a flannel shirt or jacket and a grey polo with the University of Alabama logo. Walker’s phone was found around the Tuscaloosa River Walk, about a half-mile from The Grey Lady, on Sunday afternoon. His family reported him missing immediately after. “No one has seen or heard from him since,” his mother wrote in the statement.

Tuscaloosa Police said it recovered a “clothing item from the Black Warrior River that is believed to belong to Walker.”

Tuscaloosa police said in a statement that officers recovered a “clothing item from the Black Warrior River that is believed to belong to Walker.”Tuscaloosa police and Fire Rescue search crews were scheduled to search the river and the surrounding area at first light Monday.

Police Chief Brent Blankley says he believes Walker is in the river because of evidence found on the Black Warrior Riverbank. Walker’s cell phone and some clothing items were discovered on the bank near the river walk.

“We have reason to believe he is in the Black Warrior River, we retrieved some of his clothing items that led us to believe this.  Our divers have been in the water nonstop and will continue to stay in the water to try to locate him inside the river.”

According to Search crews are using three boats to search the river, first responders are also using drones to see if any more evidence can be seen from the air. Fire Chief Randy Smith said that boat crews are using sophisticated underwater sonar to locate Walker.

“We are utilizing drones in the air to see if we can locate anything on the bank. We’ve done numerous underwater searches and they are running both ends of the river back and forth looking for anything using side-scan sonar. If they find anything we will drop a buoy and we will bring in a diver to check.”

According to the Tuscaloosa Police department, “Search teams from TPD and Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue are continuing their search for a missing University of Alabama student this afternoon.”

The University of Alabama has issued a statement to its students in a Facebook post, “We were incredibly saddened this weekend to learn that a member of our UA student community, Garrett Walker, is missing. The safety and security of all our students is our priority, and our UAPD officers have been tirelessly at work in collaboration with the Tuscaloosa Police Department and other community officials to find Garrett. We remain hopeful he will be found in good health very soon. If you have any information that may be helpful in this search, please call UAPD at 205-348-5454.”


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