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Angela Summers (Indiana USPS Mail Carrier Shot dead); Biography, Age, Death, Suspect

Angela Summers shot and killed in Indianapolis, April 27, 2020

Angela Summers was the postal service mail carrier who was shot and killed while delivering mail along her regular route in Indianapolis on April 27, 2020. At the time of her killing, she was 45 years old and leaves behind a teenage daughter. A suspect Tony Cushingberry was arrested in connection to the murder of Summers.

Angela Summers Age 

At the time of her death, she was 45 years old.

Angela Summers Death

The National Association of Letter Carriers indicated that Summers had been having issues with a customer who refused to secure his dog prior to her death. The organization shared on social media that the customer was “upset over his mail being held at the post office for a dog issue.” The United States Postal Service even went to an extent of offering a $50000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Summer’s killer. The murder of a federal employee carries a possible punishment of life in prison or even the death penalty. According to Heavy.Com two days before her death, Summers wrote about the trouble she was having with a customer along her mail route. Most of Summers’ Facebook posts appear to be set to private, but screengrabs of her posts in an album called “Tales from the Route have been shared on social media.

On April 25th, Summers explained that she had twice used pepper spray against a chihuahua that continued to come after her when she delivered to the house. She described the dog as a “nasty devil” and said she had asked the residents to take the dog inside multiple times. Summers said the homeowner received three warnings about the animal before the post office decided to hold the mail. The homeowner was told to pick up mail directly at the post office.

In her posts, Summers indicated that a woman at the house had also verbally threatened her over the issue.

Angela Summers Issues with Customer

While investigators have not publicly discussed a motive in Summer’s murder, the National Association of Letter Carriers was quick to shed light on the tension that had been ongoing between the postal service and the residents of the home on Denny Street.

Paul Toms, the president of the Union’s Local Branch 39 said the issues concerning the dog had been going on for severe weeks. He told CW affiliate WISH-TV that the homeowner had received three letters requesting that the dog be secured to ensure it did not attack Summers. When the homeowner failed to comply, the mail was held. Toms said the Union stopped delivering mail to that residence beginning on either April 12 or 13.

A neighbor told NBC Affiliate WTHR-TV that Summers was approached by a man outside the house on Denny Street on the day she was killed. The witness said the man was upset that he had not received his federal stimulus check, and Summers explained that she would resume delivering his mail once he agreed to secure the dog. The neighbor said the argument then escalated to the point where Summers used pepper spray against the man and that the man shot her in response.

Angela Summers Career

Summers joined the United States Postal Service during the summer of 2018. The leader of the NACL Indianapolis branch, Toms, said Summers became a steward for the union shortly after becoming a government employee. Toms described Summers as a well-liked and respected colleague who always had a smile for everyone she encountered.
Her customers have also shared similar sentiments. One neighbor Melissa Hardy told FOX59, “She loved people. She loved the people on the route. She worried about the older people on the route during this time. She always carried treats and she would give the dogs treat on her route.”

Her customers hung black ribbons on their mailboxes in her memory.

The President of the National Association of Letters Carriers, Fredric Rolando, issued a statement about Summer’s death:

“On behalf of the NALC, we mourn the loss of Sister Summers,” NALC President Fredric Rolando said. “Angela began her career with the Postal Service less than two years ago. She had her whole life ahead of her. She was dedicated to her customers as a letter carrier, and to her co-workers as a union representative. She served them both well. The senseless nature of her death breaks our hearts. We send our thoughts and prayers to Angela’s daughter, the rest of her family, friends, coworkers, and loved ones.”

Indianapolis branch leader Toms told WISH-TV that a trust would be set up to benefit Summer’s daughter.






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