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Derek Jones Dead (Falling in Reverse Guitarist); Biography, Age, Music career, Playing for Falling in Reverse, Fiance Christina Cetta, Death

Derek Jones a falling in Reverse Guitarist dead

Derek Jones was an American guitarist, best known as the rhythm and lead guitarist, and often co-lead vocalist for the American post-hardcore band Falling in reverse. He previously was the guitarist of the American band A smile from the Trenches until his departure in 2010. Derek Jones died on Tuesday, April 21.

Derek Jones Biography

Derek Jones was born in Lake Forest California. He started playing the saxophone but switched to the guitar when he was still in his childhood. He started listening to bands like Manowar, Blink-182, and Slipknot. By his adolescence, Jones had formed several local bands, which had only small presentations until when he turned 19 and he had his first tour.

Derek Jones Age

Derek Jones was born on June 5, 1984. By the time of his death, he was 35 years.

Derek Jones Music Career 

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Derek Jones started his career in 2007 when he joined the band A smile from The Trenches in Los Angeles. Jones was asked by the band’s frontman and vocalist, Stoney Anderson, to join the group, according to Last FM’s A Smile from The Trenches biography. While still a member, in 2009 they released their first studio album, titled Leave the Gambling for Vegas, on which they covered the song “Bad Romance” by “Lady Gaga.” He later left the group in 2010 to join Falling in Reverse with A Smile splitting shortly in September 2010.

Derek Jones with Falling in Reverse 

Jones was still part of the original lineup of Falling in Reverse while still part of A Smile from the Trenches. With Ronnie Radke in prison, the band only recorded demos until December 2010. After leaving A Smile from the Trenches, Derek moved to Los Angeles because of his commitment to Falling in Reverse. However, the band had to wait for Ronnie to leave prison in December 2010 to release their albums. He performed alongside his bandmates Ronnie Radke lead vocals, Tyler Burgess bassist, Max Georgiev lead guitarist, and drummer Johnny Mele. The band achievements include four studio albums: 2011’s The Drug in Me is You, 2013’s album Fashionably Late, 2015’s album Just Like You, and their latest album released in 2017 Coming Home. Besides Ronnie, Jones was the only original member of the band until his death in 2020 and was the only member besides Radke to feature on every album.

Derek Jones Fiancee, Christina Cetta

Derek Jones became engaged to Christina Cetta in 2015. When she was diagnosed with cancer in March 2019, Jones created a GoFundMe to raise $100000 for Cetta’s treatment. The band gave special shirts to fans who donated. The campaign managed to raise just under $50000. Jone’s fiancee, Christiana Cetta, died of Cancer in 2019.

According to GoFundMe campaign, Cetta had metastatic cancer, and it had spread to her lymph nodes on her left side, as well as to her right pelvic bone. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer three years prior, but it was treated with surgery. On November 18, Cetta’s family confirmed her death on the GoFundMe page. They said, “it is with a heavy heart that we share that Christina has lost her battle with cancer. The family would like to thank everyone for the tremendous generosity and outpouring of love shown to Christina. Our only peace comes from knowing she is now free from pain and suffering. The Cetta Family #F*%!Cancer.”

Jones’ last Instagram post was on December 19, 2019. He posted an image with him and Cetta, saying, “The early days. I miss you beyond belief you were my best friend and everything more.” Here is the post:

Derek Jones Last Performance with Falling In Reverse 

The last live show Jone’s played with Fallin in Reverse was on March 3 in Sacramento, California. According to the AltPress, it was a sold-out show. The band was supposed to play in another sold-out show in Sacramento the next day, however, they had to cancel after Johnny Mele got sick with food poisoning. According to the AltPress report, the show included other bands like World Alive and Escape the Fate. Jones did not play with the band on the Sacramento show, making the Good Things Festival his last show with the band.

Derek Jones Death 

The new of Derek Jones Death was broken by Falling in Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke on his Social media accounts on April 21. Radke shared a thoughtful message about Jones and how his spirit will live with him forever. “I’ll never forget when you picked me up from jail in your old tour van to start Fallin In Reverse. Your spirit will be interwoven through the music I write forever. Rest in Peace Derek Jones. My heart is broken.”

The cause of Jones’ death is still unknown.


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