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Othal Wallace; Man Accused of Shooting Daytona Beach Officer

Othal Wallace the suspect of the manhunt that ended Friday

Othal Wallace is a man that is accused of shooting a police officer in Daytona Beach.

Wallace is on the run, police say, and authorities have offered a $100,000 reward. Officer Jason Raynor was investigating a “suspicious incident” on June 23, 2021, when the Daytona Beach Police Department says he was shot in the head by Wallace.

Othal Wallace Age

At the time of the incident, Othal Wallace was 29 years old. He was born on March 30, 1992.

Othal Wallace Shoots Daytona Beach Officer

Bodycam video of the shooting incident shows Raynor approaching Wallace’s parked car as he is exiting it in a parking lot and asking, “How’s it going? Do you live here?” Wallace, who is standing up out of the car as the officer approaches, asks, “What’s going on?” Raynor then says, “Sit down. Sit, sit, sit, sit, sit, sit, sit. Can you sit down? I’ll talk to you.” Raynor then puts his hands on Wallace and continues telling him to sit.

Wallace can be heard saying, “Come on now. Come on now. Don’t do this. Why are you asking me, ‘Do I live here?’ What’s going on though?” Raynor then begins to talk into his radio and Wallace puts his arm out towards him. Raynor responds, “Stop, stop. Stop.” Wallace then pushes away and the video becomes obscured before a gunshot is heard and the officer falls to the ground.

The 29-year-old Wallace fled from the scene after the shooting and a “multi-agency manhunt,” was launched, police said. Wallace could be driving “a gray 2016 Honda HRV with a California tag of 7TNX532,” Daytona Beach Police said.

According to his Facebook page going by the name O-Zone Wallace, Wallace has a criminal record in Florida including domestic violence, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and aggravated battery on a pregnant person charges.

The Shot Officer was Only an Officer for Three Years

Raynor has been an officer for three years. The Daytona Beach Police said.

Young told reporters Raynor is “fighting for his life.” He added, “The surgery was fairly successful. He still has a long way to go.” Young told reporters, “This is a young kid and I highlight that because most officers (when wounded) you would see their wives or their kids respond to the hospital, it’s his mom in there. So that tells you where he is in his life.”

Young added, “This officer is 26 years old. Twenty-six years old. Behind me (in the hospital). Fighting for his life. Most of us are just starting to live at 26 years old. I am extremely heartbroken, especially because this particular cop, knowing him if he were to pull through this, this cop would do everything in his power to get back on the job and continue serving the community. He would do so with zero hatred or malice in his heart.”

A Blue Alert was Issue for Armed and Dangerous Othal Wallace

A “Blue Alert” was issued for Wallace on June 24. The system was set up by the Florida legislature in 2011 to issue alerts to phones and other devices and on highway signs when a suspect is wanted in the shooting of a police officer.

According to remarks on the blue alert, “Wallace may wear a goatee and mustache.  He may also wear a gold grill on his teeth.  Wallace has ties to Miami, Florida; Atlanta and Toomsboro, Georgia; and Maryland.”

The FBI also offered assistance to the Daytona Beach Police Department in Florida with the search for Othal Toreyane Resheen Wallace.

Othal Wallace was a Member of Extremist Groups

Othal Wallace is a member of the NFAC militia and has walked in armed marches with the group during protests in Louisville against the police killing of Breonna Taylor and in Tulsa. He also marched with the group at Stone Mountain in Georgia.

The all-Black militia group is based in Atlanta and was formed in 2017.

Authorities say Othal Wallace was found in a treehouse on the property associated with an organization called NFAC. The acronym stands for the “Not F—— Around Coalition,” a self-described militia composed exclusively of Black members.

Wallace allegedly told law enforcement, “you guys know who I am, know what I am capable of … it could have been a lot worse,” Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young said.

Young said authorities used Raynor’s handcuffs to arrest Wallace. Raynor remains in critical condition after being shot, but Young says he has shown some signs of improvement.

“(Raynor has shown) positive signs of improvement. He still has a ways to go,” Young said. “His outlook is improving, it is a positive one.”

A GoFundMe account has also been created to raise money for his recovery. Click Here to Support the Officer.


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