Trevor Bauer Los Angeles Pitcher Accused of Sexual Assault

Baseball Pitcher Accused of Sexual Assault After Choking Woman Unconscious

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer has been accused of sexual assault by a 27-year-old California woman. According to, The woman obtained a temporary ex parte restraining order in Los Angeles County court against Bauer. In the court document, it details the extent of her accusations, along with the photos of her facial injuries, screenshots of text messages that she had exchanged with Bauer and medical reports.

Trevor Bauer Age

Trevor was born in 17th January 1991. He is presently 30 years old.

Trever Bauer Education

Trevor attended Hart high school in Santa Clarita California where he scored 4.8 GPA. He then attended the University of California, Los Angeles.

Trever Bauer Career

Bauer was a member of the USA 2009 Baseball Collegiate National Team. In 2009, he was named to the Baseball America freshman All-America team. The Arizona Diamondbacks selected Bauer with the third overall pick the 2011 Major League Baseball draft. On July 25, he signed a major league contract with the Diamondbacks, being added to the 40-man roster He made his professional debut with the Class-A Advanced Visalia Rawhide. On December 11, 2012, he was traded to the Cleveland Indians in a three-team deal.

On July 31, 2019, the Indians traded Bauer to the Cincinnati Reds in a three-team trade that also included the San Diego Padres. On February 11, 2021, Bauer signed a three-year, $102 million contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers that contains opt-outs after each of the first two seasons.

Trevor Bauer Accused of Woman Assault

The Accusations against Bauer were first reported by TMZ Sports on June 29, 2021. According to TMZ Trevor Bauer’s agent, Jon Fetterolf, addressed the allegations made against his client stating, “Mr. Bauer had a brief and wholly consensual sexual relationship initiated by [the accuser] beginning in April 2021. We have messages that show [the accuser] repeatedly asking for ‘rough’ sexual encounters involving requests to be ‘choked out’ and slapped in the face.”

“In both of their encounters, [the accuser] drove from San Diego to Mr. Bauer’s residence in Pasadena, Calif. where she went on to dictate what she wanted from him sexually and he did what was asked. Following each of her only two meetings with Mr. Bauer, [the accuser] spent the night and left without incident, continuing to message Mr. Bauer with friendly and flirtatious banter. In the days following their second and final encounter, [the accuser] shared photos of herself and indicated that she had sought medical care for a concussion. Mr. Bauer responded with concern and confusion, and [the accuser] was neither angry nor accusatory.”

In a 67-page ex parte document filed by the woman, the woman accuses Bauer of assaulting her on two occasions during what began as consensual sex. The incidents occurred on April 21, 2021, and May 15, 2021, at Bauer’s Pasadena home, according to court documents. The woman said she met Bauer on Instagram after he sent her a direct message when she tagged him in a story on the social media site while watching one of his games.

Bauer’s attorneys will have an opportunity to defend him against the accusations made in the ex parte document filed by the woman’s attorneys during a court hearing on July 23. The statement from the woman is signed by her under the penalty of perjury, but the accusations are not corroborated and her statements are taken at face value pending the formal hearing. His attorneys said they plan to take part in the hearing in Los Angeles County court.

A screenshot of Bauer and his accused on Instagram

Who is Trevor Bauer Accuser?

In her declaration filed as part of the request for the temporary restraining order, it states that she is a 27-year-old San Diego resident. After watching the San Diego Padres game against the Los Angeles Dodgers on April 18, 2021, at her home, she posted an Instagram story tagging Bauer’s account. He was starting for the Dodgers that night. She said she had never met or spoken to Bauer previously and didn’t tag him expecting him to contact her, even though she knew it would send him a notification. She wrote, “I am a baseball fan and, oftentimes, tag different players, much like other fans do.”

Screenshot of Trevor Bauer first conversation with his accuser on Instagram


According to the court documents, the woman indicated that Bauer responded to her Instagram story through a direct message after the game and the two began exchanging messages for the next few days, talking about baseball and “using baseball metaphor, we discussed hanging out.” He invited her to visit his home in Pasadena on April 21.

Trevor Bauer Punched and Choked her till She Lost Consciousness

The woman said Bauer punched her with a “closed fist to the left side of my jaw, the left side of my head and both cheekbones” and she said she remembers it vividly and it was “extremely startling and painful.” She said she was “frozen and terrified” and “could not speak or move,” as Bauer punched her several times and began choking her with her hair again, causing her to lose consciousness again. The woman said she didn’t know exactly how long she was unconscious. She said, “I woke up face down on the bed disoriented. I began realizing that he was having sex with me in my anus, which I never communicated that I wanted nor did I consent. It was extremely painful. I was, at first, still disoriented and unable to speak. As soon as I was able, I said, ‘Can we stop’ and he immediately did. He then held me very tightly while I was disoriented. I think he noticed I was shaken up.”

The woman said Bauer tried to “re-initiate sex” about a minute later but she resisted because she felt sick from losing consciousness and had pain in her anus. She said he continued touching her and kissing her and asking “are you okay?” while “continuing to try to initiate sex. … His concern seemed disingenuous, manipulative and fake.”



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