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Who is Teresa Logan?(Scott Stringers Sexual Misconduct Accuser) Bio, Age, Sexual Misconduct Claims

Teresa Logan Scott Stringers Accuser

Teresa Logan a former manhattan Bartender has accused mayoral hopeful, Scott Stringer of sexual misconduct, saying, saying he forcibly kissed and groped her when she was working nearly three decades ago at a bar Stringer co-founded and helped run.


Teresa Logan is now 47 years

Teresa Logan Career

Logan presently lives in Manhattan and she works in fashion.

Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Teresa Logan told the New York times that Stringer subjected to the unwanted advances while she was working at his bar in the spring of 1992 at Uptown Local, a since shuttered bar on Broadway between W.97th and W.98th streets.

During the incident, Logan was 18 years and she was motivated to come forward after hearing about Jean Kim, a former aide on Stringer’s 2001 public advocate campaign who has also accused Stringer of unwanted sexual advances.

Stringer did not deny Logans Claims and he stated,

“While I do not remember Ms. Logan, if I ever did anything to make her uncomfortable, I am sorry,”.

Logan alleged that the first incident of sexual harassment took place a few weeks after she started working at Uptown Local as she was carrying trays up a flight of stairs.

“He just, like, totally pats me on the butt, and like, squeezes it,” she told the Times of Stringer. “I had no way of reacting. My hands weren’t free to even protect myself.”

Logan said Stringer’s behavior “freaked me out,” but that she tried to shrug it off because she was “getting paid in cash” and got “free drinks every night.”

On a later occasion, Logan said she was drinking at Uptown Local when Stringer proposed going to another bar. She agreed and they jumped into a cab together.

“I just have a memory of him in the car, putting his hand on my inner thigh,” she said, adding that he “definitely kissed me, like, made out with me.”

“And I was like, ‘No, no, no,’” she continued, “and then when I was so strong about the ‘no’ in that situation, it stopped and he kind of laughed it off, like, ‘Oh, I’m drunk, I’m sorry.’”

Since the allegations from Kim emerged several weeks ago, Stringer has tried to highlight backing from female supporters.

Two of the most prominent, former Manhattan Borough President Ruth Messinger and American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten, stood with Stringer at a Thursday rally intended to show off support from women.

“I think the whole thing is a rat’s nest of odd allegations at odd times,” Messinger told The News. “These things have to be looked at in context, and the context here is extremely troubling.”

Messinger specifically pointed to attorney Patricia Pastor, who has represented both Kim and Logan.

When the Kim allegations became public, Team Stringer pointed to inconsistencies in Pastor and Kim’s story. One is that Pastor denied Kim applied for a job to work on Stringer’s 2013 comptroller campaign. Stringer’s current campaign then produced an email and resume Kim used in her application at the time.


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