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Tony Cushingberry (Suspect Arrested in Murder of Indiana Mail Carrier Angela Summers); Biography, Age, Victim Angela Summers

Tony Cushingberry arrested in murder of Indiana Mail carrier Angela Summers

Tony Cushingberry is a 21-year-old young man that was arrested in connection to the murder of Indiana Mail carrier Angela Summer. Angela Summers was shot while delivering the mail along her regular route on April 27 in Indianapolis. She later succumbed to her injuries at the hospital.

Tony Cushingberry Age

At the time of his arrest, Tony Cushingberry was 21 years old.

Tony Cushingberry Arrest

Tony Cushingberry was arrested on April 28, 2020. According to the U.S Postal Insprection Service, federal charges are pending at the United States Attorney’s office for the Southern District of Indiana. According to investigators have not yet confirmed Cushingberry’s connection to the home on Denny Street where the shooting of Angela Summer took place. Online records indicate that Cushingberry was booked into the Marion County Jail in Indianapolis.

Tony Cushingberry Victim Angela Summers reports that the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police indicated that Summers was shot outside the home located at 422 North Denny Street around 4 p.m. on April 27. A neighbor told WTHR-TV that he saw a man approach Summers and argue with her about why he had not yet received his federal stimulus check.

On the other hand, Summers retorted that the mail service would resume once he agreed to secure his dog. The witness said the argument escalated, leading Summers to use pepper spray against the man. The witness said the man shot Summers before running away.

The National Association of Letter Carriers also indicated that Summers had been having issues with a customer over a dog. NACL Indianapolis branch president Paul Toms told WISH-TV the postal service sent three warning letters asking the homeowner to restrain the dog, which had been routinely attacking Summers as she tried to deliver the mail.

The U.S postal service stopped delivering the mails to the address when he did not comply with the directives and instructed the customer to pick up the mail directly from the post office. According to Tom, the mail service was suspended either April 12 or 13 and he believed the shooting was a result of the missing stimulus check.

Angela Summers had posted on her Facebook page about her interactions with the residents at one of the homes on her route. Two days prior to her death, Summers wrote that a woman at the house threatened physical violence against her for using mace against the dog and yelled at Summers to deliver the mail. In the post, Summers indicated that she felt unsafe.

Summers also explained on social media that the customers asked about the federal stimulus check;

Teenage Girl Called 911

A teenage girl living at the home on Denny Street called 911 after Summers was shot. Alondra Salazar, 19 told that she was sleeping in her home on North Denny Street when she heard a loud bang. “At first I thought something had fallen in the house,” Salazar said, “I heard someone knocking.” When she looked through the peephole she didn’t see anything. When she opened the door, she found the wounded Summers on the porch. There was blood and undelivered mail beside her, along with a small bottle of hand sanitizer and a can of pepper spray, Salazar said. There was a bullet hole in the door. Salazar called 911 and held Summers’ hand as she tried to calm her as they waited for paramedics.

“She couldn’t speak, she was hyperventilating,” Salazar said, “I think she said something about her kid and that’s when I started crying.”

Summers died later at an area hospital.

While Cushingberry’s connection to the Denny Street address is unclear, property records for Marion County show a man whose last name is also Salazar as one of two owners of the two-bedroom house.

A reward of $50000 was offered to any information leading to an arrest and conviction. The United States Postal Inspection Service along with Indianapolis police and FBI are leading in the investigation into Summers murder.



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