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Top Five Things To Do in Bald Head Island, North Carolina

Bald Head Island major attractions

Bald Head Island that is historically known as Smith Island is located in a village on the East side of Cape Fear Fear River in Brunswick County. North Carolina. Recently, the Island is on the news because of the recent Shark attack. However, regardless of your age, Bald Head Island is known because of its adventure for one it is the home of the world’s oldest lighthouse Old baldy and its nature is something of preserved wonder. You can spend the day at the beach, discover the old baldy lighthouse, explore the Islands protected creeks and maritime forest or go golfing. All in all, you cannot lack an activity that meets your travel needs. Examine some of the things that you can do at Bald Head Island.

1. Discover Old Baldy Lighthouse

Built in the year 1817, Old Baldy is North Carolina’s oldest lighthouse. The recent renovations conducted by the non-profit organization Old Baldy Foundation enables travelers to enjoy their tour of the region by climbing to the top for a panoramic view of the surrounding of the Island and the surrounding area. The lighthouse has a long history, and if you are a history buff, you can enjoy the tour of the Old Baldy with the guide explaining its significance as the site for both a revolutionary war and a civil war front. You will definitely enjoy hearing stories of shipwrecks and pirates as well as discover North Carolina’s rich maritime history. Experience the 108 steps up the Old Baldy lighthouse and experience the terrific view of Bald head island from the top.


2. Visit the Smith Island Museum

Located in a replica of 1850s lighthouse keeper’s cottage, the Smith Island Museum is found at the foot of the lighthouse, and it provides a comprehensive history of the lighthouse and the Bald Head Island. After climbing Old Baldy, do not forget to visit the Smith Island museum gift shop and pick up souvenirs celebrating the island. While at the Smith Island museum, you can pick up artifacts and learn more about Bald Head’s seafaring history.

3. Sailing Adventure at the Sail Shop

As a visitor to the Bald Head Island, you can experience the thrill of sailing during your visit be it a seasoned sailor or new to this sport. The Sail Shop provides a range of sailing activities ranging from Kayaking, Surfing,  and fishing. The sailing trip is one in a lifetime adventure where you can sail the beautiful waters of the Bald Head Island. The sail shop also gives guided nature tours, surfing lessons, and creek fishing expeditions, and fun sails. While sailing, you can access the creeks of Bald Head Island that are only accessible by Kayak and Canoes.

4.  Golfing Experience at Bald Head Island

The golf course at Bald Head Islands is one of the most beautiful in the South East. The golf course was designed by George Cobb and opened for play in 1974. The Bald Head Island golf course has undergone recent restoration by Tim Cate thereby making it more natural looking and challenging. The golf course is a quick ferry drive from Wilmington and with the current new bunkers and irrigation systems. As a visitor, you must have temporary or permanent membership in the Bald Head Island club to enjoy golfing privileges. As a golfer, you can experience the nature that abounds on the golf course.


5. Island Dining

After a full day of activities you need a place to unwind. There are many options when it comes to dining on Bald Head Island. Some of the restaurants at the Island include Mojo’s on the Harbor, which changes the dining experience for visitors and residents alike while at the Island. The Delphina Cantina is another resort found at the Island which brings the fresh flavors of Latin cuisine on the Island. This restaurant serves Mexican dishes with Spanish and Cuban flair, which can complement your experience at the Island. Such dining options and many more such as Bald Head Island Club, The Shoals Club, Islands Time Cafe, and Maritime Market Cafe gives you dining options as you have fun at the Bald Head Island.


Visit Bald Head Island

For a long time, Bald Head Island has been attracting curious explorers. Bald Head is a vacation destination that is unique because of its history, geography, and its distinctive character. This Island is a haven for nature lovers marines, golfers, and beach lovers of all varieties. Visit Bald Head Island for a unique experience.


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