Mr. P Recovers from Coronavirus

Mr. P, 101 years old born during Spanish flu

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, doctors note that old people are more vulnerable to COVID-19. In almost all countries, battling with the virus, people above 65 years are being told to self-quarantine and shut themselves off from people who might risk infecting them. Aljazeera indicates that the answer lies in their immune systems. As people grow older, they become more likely to develop health problems such as heart diseases, diabetes, lung conditions, and cancer.

Mr. P Recovers 

The man identified by the Italian authorities as only Mr. P was born during the Spanish flu of 1918 to 1920 that infected 500 million people and killed 50 million people. The man was born in 1919. The man was hospitalized in the Infermi hospital in Rimini after acquiring COVID-19 symptoms. The local media indicated that at 101 he managed to win his battle against the epidemic and managed to return home to his family. The message of hope was launched by the Vice-mayor Gloria Lisi.

“Last week Mr. P was hospitalized in Rimini after testing positive for Covid-19,” she said. The vice-mayor also added, “one detail that makes the life of this patient truly extraordinary is that Mr. P was born in 1919 in the midst of another tragic world pandemic.”

Just like COVID-19, the Spanish flu was a deadly world pandemic that killed tens of millions of people around the globe between 1918 and 1920. The disease killed at least 600000 people in Italy.

At 101 the man has experienced Italy’s long history of fighting diseases as he has lived almost entirely through the past century and then had a glimpse of the new Millenium. Fate would have it that at 101, he would experience this new challenge, invisible, and terrible at the same time. While the fatality rate for patients above 65 years rises, there have been numerous stories of elderly Italians making full recovery after being hospitalized with the virus.

Many old patients have recovered from the virus giving hope to the Italians who feel overwhelmed by the disease. A 95-year-old patient in the province of Modena also recovered from the coronavirus infection. Michele Dell’Orco said on Twitter, ” Alma Clara Corsini is a 95-year-old grandmother who lives in Fanano, on the Modenese Apennines, and is the first patient to recover from Coronavirus in the province of Modena.”

Michele Dell’Orco is an Italian politician.


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