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Colin Kaepernick Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Career, National Anthem Controversy, NFL Lawsuit, New York Jets rumor, Net worth

Colin Kaepernick rumors

Colin Kaepernick is an American football quarterback who is a free agent.  On April 9, 2020, it was reported that he had agreed to a one-year, $9 million contract with New York Jets football club. Colin Kaepernick is best known for sparking controversy by kneeling rather than stand during the national anthem to protest racial injustices in the United States.

Colin Kaepernick Bio

Colin Kaepernick was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on November 3, 1987. When he was just a few weeks old, he was adopted by Rick and Teresa Kaepernick, who had already two children of their own but had lost two other babies (sons) not long after birth because of heart defects. Kaepernick’s biological mother, Heidi Russo, was 19 when he was born. His father, who is African-American, separated from Russo as soon as he discovered that Russo was pregnant. Throughout her pregnancy, she spent much time debating whether she would put her baby up for adoption. After meeting the Kaepernicks, who were introduced to her by a common friend, she decided to give the young child up for adoption. Colin Kaepernick lived in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, until age four, when his family moved to California.

Colin Kaepernick Age

Colin Kaepernick is 32 years old.

Colin Kaepernick Girlfriend

Colin Kaepernick allegedly started dating radio personality and television host Nessa Diab in July 2015 and officially went public about their relationship in February 2016.

Colin Kaepernick Career 

Colin Kaepernick began playing youth football at age 8 with his long arm, quickly elevating him to the quarterback position. The same arm also made him an elite high school pitcher capable of throwing a fastball at 94 miles per hour. At John H.Pitman High School in Turlock, California, Kaepernick was a first-team All-District, All-Conference, and All-Academic selection. Still, his big arm was hampered by what scouts viewed as a poor throwing motion, making him overlooked by major college football programs.

College years 

Kaepernick received most of his high school accolades as a baseball pitcher. While he received several scholarships in that sport, he wanted to play college football. It was only after a tryout at a camp put on by the University of Nevada, Reno that Kaepernick showed enough to warrant a scholarship, and he subsequently enrolled at the school in the fall of 2007. Colin set several school records, and he became the first quarterback in the history of Division FBS to pass for more than 10000 yards and rush for more than 4000 yards.

Professional career 

Colin’s throwing accuracy still hovered around him, but the San Francisco 49ers still selected the quarterback in the second round of the 2011 NFL draft. Colin served as a rookie throughout his season to the team’s long time starter, Alex Smith. However, Kaepernick took over as the team’s No. 1 quarterback in 2012 after smith was forced to sit out late in the year because of a concussion.

Like in his college years, Kaepernick dazzled fans and coaches with his unmatched athleticism with Jim Harbaugh the 49ers naming the young player his permanent starting quarterback.

Colin Kaepernick National Anthem Controversy

Colin Kaepernick sparked controversy when he refused to stand for the national anthem before a preseason game in late August 2016. In an interview, Colin stated, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football, and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way.” He then reiterated that he would continue to sit during the national anthem until seeing “significant changes” for minorities.

During the season, Colin Kaepernick continued to draw attention for his refusal to stand for the anthem, drawing support and condemnation from fellow NFL players, politicians, and celebrities. On the field, he delivered solid performances, but at the end of the season, he terminated his contract and became a free agent.

Kaepernick remained without a team as the 2017 NFL season began with his quiet form of protest expanding into something larger with several players on each NFL team making a point of kneeling during the anthem, and athletes from other sports demonstrating their support as well. The issue became a hot-button political topic, with U.S President Donald Trump weighing in by calling for kneeling NFL players to be fired during a September rally in Alabama. His advocacy was recognized by GQ magazine in its December issue, and it put him in rare company of Muhammad Ali and Jackie Robinson athletes who risked everything to make a difference.

Colin Kaepernick NFL Lawsuit 

Colin filed a grievance against the NFL in 2017, alleging that the league and owners conspired to keep him from playing in the NFL in response to his decision to kneel during the National Anthem. The lawsuit was settled privately in February 2019 with an undisclosed payment.

Colin Kaepernick New York Jets rumor 

A fake twitter account on Thursday reported Colin Kaepernick signed with New York Jets a one-year, $9 million contract. However, the information was not factual and was sourced from a tweet issued by an account (@SuperToughScene), which parodies the official ESPN SportsCenter Twitter account:

His girlfriend, TV and radio host Nessa Diab, also provided her thoughts on Twitter:

“They should sign @Kaepernick7. Any team that actually wants to win should sign Colin. He still continues to train & as you all saw @ his workout, HE’S BEEN READY W HIS “ELITE ARM STRENGTH”, as an @NFL scout said. Team Owners/ NFL can stop blackballing him @ anytime.” With the twitter trend #ImWithKap

Former Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile was so delighted that she fell for the hoax.

Colin Kaepernick Networth 

Colin Kaepernick, net worth and salary of $ 20million. During his six seasons in the NFL, between 2011 and 2016, Colin earned more than $43 million in salary before taxes and fees. His peak NFL salary was $14.3 million, which came during the 2016 season.



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