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Howard Finkel WWE Hall of famer; Biography, Age, WWE career, Death

WWE Hall of famer dies at 69

Howard Finkel was an American professional wrestling ring announcer employed by WWE. He began working for Vince McMahon Sr’s World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF) in 1975. Working with WWWF made him the longest-tenured employee and he was a ring announcer since 1977. Finkel is widely regarded as one of the best ring announcers of all time and he was introduced into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2009.

Howard Finkel Biography

Howard Finkel is a Neward, New Jersey Native. He was born June 7 1950. He was a celebrated ring announcer in the WWE.

Howard Finkel Age

Howard Finkel was 69 years old by the time of his death.

Howard Finkel WWE Career


Howard Finkel was WWE’s first employee as he was first hired in 1975 by Vince McMahon Sr. for what was then known as the WWWF. Finkel debuted as a ring announcer at Madison Square Garden on January 17, 1977. By 1979 he was the company’s lead ring announcer for their biggest events. Finkel became the first employee of the WWE on April 1, 1980, and was the longest-lasting employee until his passing. Throughout his career, Finkel’s distinctive voice was sometimes used in the title sequence for the company’s various television programs. Finkel’s signature call was his announcement of a new champion following a title change, in which he would place extra emphasis on the word “new” to draw the greatest reaction from the crowd. Finkel came up with the event name “WrestleMania” for the company’s massive 1985 show, which would soon become WWE’s version of the SuperBowl. He also gave Ricky Steamboat’s Dragon nickname. In 1984 Finkel became WWF’s lead ring announcer for television tapings, replacing the retired Joe McHugh. During a 2011 interview, Finkel said he also played a part in the talent relations and creative departments during the

early days of the WWF. On January 19, 1987, Gene Okerlund presented a plague to Howard Finkel commemorating ten years of announcing at Madison Square Garden. In 1993, at the Roman-themed WrestleMania IX, Finkel w

as introduced in a toga as Finkus Maximus. In 1995, Finkel took a seven-month hiatus from ring announcing on PPVs and Television broadcasts but not at house shows and was replaced by Manny Garcia. Finkel returned to full-time ring announcing at Royal Rumble 1996.

Finkel was generally separate from the scripted angles, but occasionally he became part of the company’s storylines.

Howard Finkel Personal Life

Howard Finkel was married to Cathie C. Finkel. Together they have a son.

Howard Finkel Death

The WWE fraternity announced Thursday that the legendary ring announcer had died at the age of 69. On tweeter the caption read, ” WWE is saddened to learn that WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel has passed away at age 69.”

While the cause of death was not disclosed, Howard was suffering from a very serious stroke for a year and was in bad health before his death. Between his on-air role and constant presence backstage at WWE events, Finkel connected with many different generations of WWE talent. Stars of the past and present expressed their appreciation for Finkel on social media in reaction to the Thursday news. Vince McMahon the CEO WWE gave his message on twitter which read, “Saddened to learn of the passing of my friend and WWE’s first employee, WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel. The grandest moments in sports-entertainment history were made all the grander thanks to Howard’s iconic voice.”

Triple H the Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy and Development for WWE, as well as the Creator and Senior Producer of NXT tweeted in response to a tweet made WWE, “You weren’t someone until you heard Howard announce you. A championship win didn’t feel real until you heard him say “and the new!” His voice, his personality, and his positivity will be sorely missed. Thank you for everything…especially your friendship.”

Some of his commentaries in the WWE include the following.

His voice will be remembered for many years among WWE fans.


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