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Who is Matt McGraw (Muffet McGraw’s Husband); Biography, Age, Career, Wife, Children,

Muffet McGraw's husband Matt McGraw

Matt McGraw is the husband of Muffet McGraw, formerly Ann O’Brien. Muffet McGraw is a former basketball coach who recently served as the head coach at Notre Dame till her retirement on April 22, 2020. Muffet McGraw has won 918 games in a career spanning three decades in South Bend. One of her biggest cheerleaders is her husband Matt McGraw.

Matt McGraw Biography

Matt attended West Chester University from 1974 to 1977 to earn his B.S in Psychology. The summer after his senior year, he decided to stay in town to intern at the local county courthouse.

Matt McGraw Age

As of 2020 Matt McGraw  66 years old.

Matt McGraw Career 

According to his LinkedIn page, Matt has worked in the financial industry since 1979. He’s worked at Bank of America, The Equitable, ProSearch, Northwestern Mutual. He currently serves as a Talent Acquisition Consultant for ProSearch.

Matt McGraw Wife

Matt McGraw is married to Muffet McGraw. Matt and Muffet met when Muffet was a criminal justice major and basketball player at St. Joseph’s Univerisity. At the time Matt was a criminal justice major at St Joe’s and he was working for the summer at Juvenile Probation of Chester County at the courthouse. Allison Hayes of ABC57 details the initial encounter with what began just like that – a spark.

“I had a job, I could work in the courthouse as an internship for the summer. I met with a guy named Bob Kyle, he walked me around to each office and in each office he said ‘You need to know these people, these people.’ We got to her office and he said, ‘There’s nobody you need to meet here.’ And I said, ‘Ah, there is,’” Matt said.

“I was a criminal justice major at St Joe’s. I was working for the summer at Juvenile Probation of Chester County at the courthouse. And one day, they brought this guy in who was going to intern in the department. I remember the first look at him, I remember what he was wearing. I just remember thinking ‘That’s somebody I would definitely like to meet,’” Muffet said.

Matt was playing baseball, as well. His athleticism and sense of humor appealed to Muffet. The couple later made their proposal which happened in a department store photo booth. The couple got engaged in December 1977 and married the following October. The McGraws will be celebrating their 42nd wedding anniversary this fall. The McGraws have one son together named Murphy who is in his 20s. Murphy is a 2012 Indiana University graduate, who married Francesca Gardner in Paris (her hometown) in the spring of 2018.

Muffet McGraw Missed the Plane that Hit the World Trade Center 

Muffet was originally a passenger on United Flight 175, the 2nd plane to hit the World Trade Center on 9/11. The fall after winning the program’s first national championship, she was on a trip to Boston to visit Nicole Wolff, a guard from Walpole (Mass.) and the 2002 McDonald’s High School player of the year. The, her assistant Kevin McDuff convinced her not to take the fateful flight out of Boston, but change to a 1-stop flight from Logan International to Providence and then back home. Matt remembers the details well because he was in the kitchen and listening to that conversation between McGuff and his wife.

“I was thinking to myself, “He (McGuff) is going to lose this bet because she never buckles on things like this,” he says.

But she did, and so McGraw and McGuff boarded the plane in Providence Tuesday morning.

“No one said anything,” said McGraw, “and we wondered why we weren’t taking off. We were just sitting there and sitting there. Then they came on and said, ‘We’re going to deplane and go back into the airport and check out the monitors.’

“We got off . . . and we saw the second plane hit on TV . . . right there.

The couple avoids talking about the close call as much as possible.

Different Personalities

The couple also exhibits different personalities. In an interview with espnW, Muffet indicated that she is the introverted, direct, honest, and methodical type to the point that she can hurt “people’s feelings and don’t even realize it.”

However, Matt is the opposite of this. He is frequently seen talking with fans, wearing vibrant Irish green clothing, and appearing on the radio broadcasts. He also takes care of the details around the house. “Matt is the social chair of the couple, shaking hands and talking with seemingly everyone before games and holding court in hotel lobbies on the road while his wife stays back in the room. Matt cooks the meals. Does the dishes. Takes care of the house. In 2013 in a game against Duke, he was even seen wearing a styrofoam green hat while nervously watching the game from the stands. He’s the ultimate fan of Notre Dame, but especially his wife.


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