Seeing the Norwegian Fjords

Visit the Fjords for a lifetime Experience

To the majority of the visitors in Norway, one way of experiencing nature is by visiting the Fjords which are dramatic and scenic features. Some of the most common Fjords include the following.

  1. The Geirangerfjord

This Fjord is sometimes considered as Norway’s jewel as it extends more than 100 Km inland from Alesund on the West Coast. The Fjord is surrounded by mountain peaks, wild waterfalls, and lush green vegetation. The Fjord is protected by the UNESCO to protect the way farmers live and work on the incredibly steep slopes. A visit to this beautiful site is a sure way to highlight a trip to Norway. The best time to visit this Fjord is between June to August.

2. The Hjørundfjord

The Hjørundfjord is perhaps the most beautiful and idyllic of all the Norwegian fjords. The Fjord is 35 Kilometers in length and it is an arm of the larger StorfJord and located in the South of Alesund City. It comprises of unique features such as a wide mouth and as you go further, the fjord becomes narrow. One thing that makes stand out among other Fjords is its seclusion and unspoiled natural landscape. The best time to visit this Fjord is between September to October.

3. The Nordfjord


This Fjord is the sixth longest in Norway at 106 Kilometers from Husevågøy to Loen. The Fjord is located in the Northern part of Sogn og Fjordane county in Western Norway. The Fjord offers an expansive place to view the Westernmost part in Mainland Norway, overlooking places such as Standavet. The best time to visit is during Summer which commences on June.

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